• Commercial Carpet Cleaning

  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning

    Did you know having a clean office will increase productivity? Studies have shown that it will even cut the amount of "sick days" an employee uses. Call Spotless Miracle Today, for your commercial carpet cleaning needs. While you're on the phone, ask how you can get routine carpet cleaning, for a fraction of the normal rate! We have systems in place that'll benefit you, your company, your boss, and your boss's boss.

  • Where to begin
  • First things first,

    We need too figure out just what it is you want done. When it comes to commercial clients we have many options for you to choose from. Here are a few bullet points to help you get started.

    • Is the cleaning for a commercial location?
    • Is the cleaning for a business that wants rental units cleaned?
    • Are you looking for routine carpet maintenance or an "As Needed" clean?
    • Are you a janitorial Service Customer? (We have special rates for your routine business)
    • Will the clean need to take place during the day, or night?

    These are some of the questions that will help us guide you in the right direction. The easiest thing to do for a commercial client to call, or email us. We will want to set up an on site evaluation, but that isn't required for rental houses / apartments. When it comes to commercial carpet cleaning we have too many variables for a quote to be accurate via phone. For example: your carpet is located inside of a restaurant. Therefore there will probably be a lot of grease and limited access. Or your carpet is in a call center, therefor there is only staples everywhere and the occasional coffee spill. These two different scenarios can have a drastic change in a bid and everybody hates surprises lol.