• One Time Deep Cleaning

  • How Can Spotless Miracle Help You...


    We can help customers that are ready for Spring Cleaning.  Let that Sun shine into your home, by allowing us to clean your inside windows.

    Homes are shined and Cleaned for that special party.  We can clean your home before the big event. How nice is this?! Save your energy for the party.

    When is the last time your toilets were disinfected, mirrors shined, blinds dusted?  We would love to get your cleaning back on track! This is what we like to refer as I'm A Little Over My Head and have Sooo Many Other Things I Need To Be Doing scenario.

    Busy families needing more family time and wanting to make sure weekends are for having fun and enjoying each other.  Take back your weekend, friends.

      Have us Clean what you want. Have us clean as long as you want (with a 2 hour minimum). Schedule your clean any day of the week. We like to send between 2-4 team members. 

     Here is an idea of what we can clean in your home, apartment, condo, etc.

    Bedrooms, Dining Rooms, Living Rooms 

    Dusting, top to bottom 

    Switch plates are wiped 

    Ceiling fans are dusted (Wiped if necessary)  

    Baseboards are wiped 

    Horizontal furniture dusted and wiped 

    Windows cleaned inside, (windows sills when weather permits)  

    Cobwebs removed 



    Dusting, top to bottom  

    Mirrors are shined 

    Light Fixtures  are dusted, (Wiped If necessary)  

    Counters wiped 

    Drawers are wiped from the outside  

    Toilet, disinfected and wiped  

    Showers are shined  

    Stainless fixtures are polished 

    Floors are swept and moped  



    Dusting, top to bottom  

    Cupboards wiped  

    Counters sanitized and wiped 

    Microwave Cleaned Inside and Outside  

    Fridge Cleaned Inside and Outside 

    Oven Cleaned Inside and Outside 

    Dishwasher cleaned inside and outside, the inside edges of the door is wiped too.  

    Floors are swept and moped 

    Sink is scrubbed and wiped 




    Dusted, top to bottom 

    Floors are swept 

    Cobwebs removed  



    Replace mini blinds and stove drip pans, that are in poor condition. You will save in the long run as they are priced affordably.  


    If you happen to notice any areas that were missed or need re-cleaned gives us call within 24 hours and we will come back. Free of charge.  Thanks to our Satisfaction Guarantee. Yay!!