• Frequently Asked Questions

  • FAQ'S

    Here are a few frequently asked questions that you can navigate through. Please if you can't find the answers you are looking for feel free to call, text, or email us.

    • What forms of payment do you accept?

      Cash, check, debit/credit card payments are accepted. 

    • For carpet cleaning, do I need to vacuum before ? or move anything?

      Don't worry about vacuuming, our specialists will vacuum all the areas that are to be cleaned.  Even vacuuming the edges! 

      Furniture, We ask that all light furniture is cleared out of the rooms. Drapes, curtains should be rolled up (if they are touching the floor).  Treasured valuables and fragile items need to be set in a safe place.  

    • Do I need to be present?

      For the most part, yes. Miscommunications will be avoided if we can do a walkthrough before the job and again once the job is finished. What you do in between is up to you... Running errands in between the cleaning is completely normal :)

      **Routine House Cleaning Customers- After your initial clean has been completed, you do not need to be home.

    • How long does carpet take to dry? How do I protect my carpet?

      Carpet, takes about 4 hours to dry.  After the clean, keep fans running and A/C - or Heater turned on. muggy conditions are a huge NO no. For example: If it is super muggy outside, don't open all the windows and expect your carpet to dry fast. Instead, turn on the A/C and use it as a large dehumidifier. (If you have a dehumidifier go ahead and run that too ;-) )

    • Are pets required to be locked in a kennel?

      For the most part, yes.  We can work efficiently if we aren't worried about pets running out the doors or getting into the equipment brought in. 

      *Routine house cleaning: We take it case by case. If pets are well behaved they don't need to be in a kennel. 

    • Do you use toxic chemicals?


    • What kind of products will be used on my stone counters, floors, or walls?

      We only utilize products specially formulated to clean your stone. We will never use anything toxic, acidic, or anything that could potentially damage your stone. We are very knowledgeable in what we clean. If you are ever unsure about a product feel free to ask us.

    • What do you use on my stainless steel?

      We on use a formula specifically designed to clean, protect, and polish your stainless all in one safe step. This specific product is amazing, btw.