Don't Let Mold and Mildew Take Over Your Home

Don't Let Mold and Mildew Take Over Your Home

Ask about our mold mitigation services in Clovis & Fresno, CA

If you recently found water damage in your home, odds are you're bound to find mold, too. When a pipe bursts or a storm floods your home, the resulting water seeps into your walls and floors. Even after water damage restoration work, mold can still linger in dark, moist areas.

To get mold out of your home for good, turn to Spotless Miracle. We offer mold mitigation services throughout the Clovis & Fresno, CA area. You can count on our crew to handle your mold clean-up with precision and care.

Need to extract flood waters from your home first? We'll bundle our mold mitigation work with water damage restoration work.

Uncover hidden mold

Mold loves to grow in dark, damp environments. In the right conditions, it can spread to different parts of your home in no time. Depending on the extent of your water damage, you might find mold in your:

  • Interior walls
  • Ceiling
  • Floors
  • Basement
  • Bathrooms

Contact Spotless Miracle now to schedule mold mitigation services in the Clovis & Fresno, CA area. Once we're done with your mold clean-up, you can breathe easy knowing your house is safe again.