• Routine House Cleaning

  • Ever Wish You Had More Time With A Loved One?


    We want you to spend the most time possible with your friends and family. You work hard at everything you do and you deserve to enjoy a the finer things in life. So let us help alleviate your stress. When it comes to doing something as mundane as routine house cleaning, call the pro's at Spotless Miracle. We want to do the heavy lifting for you.

  • We Love To Clean
  • The only house cleaning service you will need, EVER.


    Agreements -  If a customer is happy then there is no reason to leave, right? We have Routine Cleaning Service Agreements, but ZERO binding contracts.

    Paperless Billing – Invoices are sent via e-mail on a monthly basis. Of course, you could opt to receive an invoice after each clean too (weekly and bi-weekly).

    Text Alerts- Customers are kept in the loop by receiving 2 text alerts on their cleaning date. The first one, is when a team member hits ‘on the way’ and the second alert  notifies the customer that the home has been restored to a spotless perfection.  **more detailed information provided upon request. I could spend 30 minutes talking about the awesomeness of this feature.

    Pets- We are pet friendly! Your pets don’t need to be in a kennel. Pets do need to be well behaved.  *We are not responsible for letting them out, feeding them or putting them in a cage.

    Uniformed, Trained Staff- Our team members are in professional attire and highly trained.

    We Provide All Supplies- We bring vacuums, terry towels, broom, mop, sponges etc. and countless of cleaning solutions. Wood cleaner, stainless steel cleaner, glass cleaner, disinfectants, degreasers,  etc. Most of our solutions are eco-friendly.

    Smiling faces -  This one is cheesy, I admit. But who wants to see a grumpy cleaner? Lol

    Satisfaction Guarantee- Your Satisfaction is our Guarantee. Just give us a call if you are not quite satisfied. We will schedule your re-clean free of charge.  **But we are so good, this rarely happens. :)


  • Estimate
  • Your Estimate can come in any form

    You aren't limited to scheduling via phone call anymore. You have choices and we are glad to accommodate you. You can choose to utilize one of the following:

    • a phone call
    • a text message
    • a facebook instant message
    • an email
    • or a website inquiry 
    • On-Site / In-Person

    Everything we do is for your convenience. Enjoy It. ;-)

  • Now, for basic setup

    Now that you decided you want to be a part of our family let's take a moment to party!!!

    Ok. So by this point you have went through the estimate process, you have spoken to the company representatives, and you are ready to become family. Now we just need to do a couple things. 1: We will make sure we are on the same page as far as details of the cleanings. 2: We need to get you scheduled and list how we would be gaining entry into your home at the designated date/time. We enter homes in many different fashions. Here are your options:

    1: We'll ring the door bell and you'll let us in.

    2: We will store a garage code into our system and enter through the garage

    3: We will store a door code in our system and use the door

    4: Some customers simply give us a key. We will tag and label the key and store it in a lock box.

    5: We can utilize a hidden key that you keep in a certain spot at your home.


    Simple right?