• Tile and Grout Cleaning

  • Backsplashes, Counters, Floors, or Showers

    Your tile accents your home, makes cleaning a little more bearable, and it lasts A LOT longer than carpet and upholstery. Your tile is tuff, but it won't look good forever without proper maintenance. Let us restore your tile and grout to a beautifully clean state. You, your guests, and your family will appreciate it.

    Still unsure on it? Ask us to come out and we'll give you a FREE demo on just how clean your tile and grout can be! There is Zero Obligation and we don't do ANY high pressure sales tactics. So give us a call!

  • Got Dirt?

    Our tile and grout cleaning starts with protecting your corners, transitions, appliances, cabinets, and anything else in the vicinity of our cleaning zone. It is this care and dedication that will alleviate any worry you may have.

  • High Pressure, High Heat, and Quality Solutions

    After the area is prepped we will utilize our TOP of the line cleaning solutions, high heat, high pressure, auto scrubbers, and powerful vacuum to clean your tile and grout.  We will flush all the nastiness right out and send it to a storage tank on our truck. You will never be bothered by that particular dirt an grime again.