About Us

A picture of my wife, my son, my daughter, and I.
A picture of my wife, my son, my daughter, and I.

A little about us.

My Name is Paul. My wife Bree and I started this company in 2010 at the young age of 20 & 22. This Company started as a full-blown House Cleaning Service. To be 100% honest, a 20yr old with a small startup was only looking for a side hustle. Never did I ever imagine it turning into anything more than that.
Like any company, or job, we had our ups and downs. From coming up with the name, to trying to get clients, and paying our bills. It wasn't easy, and to add fuel to fire we were still very young. While I at first, focused on the marketing, Bree was in the field with my sister Steph. They started blowing up pretty quickly, because of our dedication to our clients. People absolutely loved us.

It was house cleaning, after house cleaning and then we started landing Janitorial service contracts. I was cleaning restaurants at night, Bree was cleaning houses by day, and both cleaning offices on weekends, and I would take off to my regular job when I woke up the next morning. It was hectic. Ultimately, one thing led to another and we needed more help. We started hiring, and we started taking this business seriously. It went from a side income, to our future. Never would have 20 year old Paul imagined that Spotless Miracle would become the center and focus of our lives. I made the decision in 2014-2015 to go full time and never looked back since. 

We added carpet cleaning vans, upholstery cleaning, tile cleaning, water damage restoration, and mold remediation to our skills. We were flying and driving around trying to take every class we could to further our knowledge. All while our lives were going a 100mph, we had to juggle the birth of my daughter, the birth of my son, raising our kids, and somehow managing to keep all of our clients happy. I have zero clue how we made it work, especially with childcare always seeming to be an issue. We made it work Though.


An Unexpected Turn of Events

After Years of running our company, I learned my grandfather was Ill. He was diagnosed with cancer. At the time we were living over 2,000 miles away in a town called Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Most of our family was back in California, we deeply missed our family, we missed our childhood home, but Iowa was all we knew for our adult life. We ultimately made the decision to pack up and move. This was one of the hardest decisions we made with our company, because that meant we needed to start over. We needed to meet new clients, get new jobs, sell our house, buy a new house, and try and figure everything out all over again. It was tough, but looking back I wouldn't change that decision for anything. Bree has had so much quality time with her parents, and siblings, while I got to spend the last two year making up for lost time with my grandpa. Our kids are building relationships with their grandparents and great grandmother, something that would have been impossible before.

During our first years in California we traveled ALOT. We have provided our water damage and mold remediation services following the aftermath of ; Derecho in Iowa, a freeze in Texas, Hurricane Ida in Louisiana, and Hurricane Ian in Florida.

That's our story summed up. Today, Spotless Miracle is primarily a Water Damage Mitigation and Mold Remediation company. We love the Restoration and Cleaning industry we are in, because we get to help people through a very distressing period in their life. We love Spotless Miracle, because it's literally the life blood of our family. If our clients are happy, our business is good, and if our business is good, our family is taken care of.