• Carpet Cleaning

  • Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning

    Lets face it - no one wants dirty carpets in their home or office. They smell, they look bad, and they diminish how much time and effort you put into keeping your property clean. Instead of wrestling with a" carpet cleaner machine" and wasting hours trying to make sure your carpet is spotless, let our team take the reins. With extensive experience and a commitment to trustworthy, quality services, we can guarantee you'll get the clean you need!

    This page will go over a general scope of how we will clean your carpet. This scope may vary slightly depending on whether you want a commercial building to be cleaned or a residential home. Please follow the links to be taken to a "Residential" page or a "Commercial" page if you would like a little more detail.

  • Commercial and Residential

    Whether the carpet in your living room is starting to show its age or the flooring in your office could use a little spruce, we're happy to do what it takes to make sure your carpets are clean and sparkling. Fighting more complicated problems, like pet odor and ground-in stains? No problem - we can handle that, too. We absolutely, positively guarantee you will be satisfied with your cleaning. Actually we even offer a money back guarantee on every clean if your aren't a 100% satisfied with it.

  • Experience and Expertise

    When it comes to your home or office, you want someone you can trust. With decades of combined experience serving the local community, we know we have what it takes to make even the biggest jobs look easy. Whether you need one room deep cleaned or steam cleaning for your whole home, we're the right fit for the job.

  • Our Process
  • Pre Vacuuming Is Very Important

    IICRC, the company that sets the standards for cleaning, states that pre vacuuming should always take place before a professional carpet cleaning. Many carpet cleaning cleaners, and carpet cleaning companies will skip this simple but vital step. Your Spotless Miracle technicians will pre-vacuum your home or office. We insist, this is all part of our process.  This step allows us to maximize dry soil removal therefore resulting in a better quality cleaning. We will even vacuum your steps and hard to reach corner/edges!

  • Safety First Everyone!

    We will protect every corner and wall that pose a risk of coming in contact with our hoses. Hoses that create a trip hazard in a hallway or hard surface, will also be set off to the side and a sign will be placed to help minimize any risks. When steps, staircases, or traffic is a concern we will place cones Your home or office will be well taken care of.

  • Our Cleans Take Longer Than Other Companies.

    Our whole process is centered around providing a quality carpet cleaning experience. If you want a company that will go at lightning fast speeds to splash some water on your carpet, then you should look elsewhere. Our process here at Spotless Miracle, takes longer than other companies, because we are committed to you.

    We understand that you might have to run an errand, walk the dog, manage your staff, etc. This is understandable.  We can give you a call about 30 minutes before our team finishes your clean. You don't need to stick around and watch a bunch of boring cleaners ahaha. Go relax! We are very good at what we do.

  • Hot Water Extraction aka Steam Cleaning

    Now it's time for miracles to happen. We will start in the farthest room and begin pre spraying our cleaning solution down. We allow about 5-15 minutes of dwell time before we start rinsing. After the soil has had plenty of time to release from the carpet fibers, (either with agitation or not depending on conditions) we will use our super hot water from the truck mount the thoroughly rinse the carpet. Our powerful vacuum will immediately extract the contaminants from your carpet and most of the water. We will extra dry passes to ensure we get dry as soon as possible.

    As we are cleaning we are keeping a keen eye out for spots, stains, or areas of concern. We will treat most spots FREE OF CHARGE, but some require a little more of an investment. For example, pet urine, browning, makeup, nail polish, gum, colored dye, paint, or sometimes kinetic sand.

    As we finish a room and it is looking beautiful and clean we will place fans on the carpet to help speed dry everything. This too is included in the cleanings. With technologically advanced solution, new top of the line equipment, training, experience, and our on board water softener will help your carpets clean up great and dry fast!