Commercial Large Loss Mitigation & Remediation Consultants

Commercial Large Loss Mitigation & Remediation Consultants

Trust the Pro's at Spotless Miracle to help navigate through your Large Loss Nightmare

How We Can Help You

When Disaster strikes, it can be really tough to know who to call to help get the job done. You might even already have a vendor ready to mitigate the loss but want to make sure you have eyes on the ground monitoring the situation. This is where we come in. Not Only do we have a Large Network of companies to lean on for Nationwide water damage restoration, but we also can be brought in to monitor / assist your teams already on the ground! With IICRC Certified Moisture mapping experts, to structural drying, and drying gurus. We can be flown in to help.

Key Benefits to Retaining our Consultants.

  1. Improved Work Place Safety When it comes to keeping staff, and customers safe, nobody takes things more seriously than Spotless Miracle. We will monitor crews as an extra set of eyes, documenting work place hazards, and assisting in making sure proper safety protocols are implimented and followed. It's bad enough you experienced a large loss. Let's not add to things by risking the health and safety of your employees / customers. We know disasters, and we know how to stay safe during the mitigation of them.
  2. Moisture Mapping and Moisture Monitoring Water can cause a huge plethora of problems. Despite obvious damage to paint, sheetrock, carpet, and flooring, Water can also go unseen behind the walls. We have industry leading equipment and will fly nationwide to moisture map and monitor after a large loss. 

  • Themal Imaging Cameras
  • Invasive Moisture Meters
  • Non-Penetrating Moisture Meters
  • Concrete and Tile Moisture Meters
  • Hygrometers
  • Years Of Moisture Mapping Experience
  • Building Sketches with moisture migration maps
  • Daily Equipment Provisioning
  • Daily Equipment Monitoring
  • Dry Log Reports
  • Mitigation and remediation reports from beginning of the loss to the end. (This is probably the most important service we offer. We can and will work for your commercial business, a mitigation company, or the insurance company to log and monitor progress. Our skills is documenting and formulating reports proving the What / Where / When go unmatched. No more wondering if things will get documented properly. We even keep all pictures and reports backed up to the cloud just in case.