Pictured is Berber carpet that we put the letter "G" on and then we repaired it. When finished, we took another photo and place the pictures side-by-side so you can see the difference.
Pictured is Berber carpet that we put the letter "G" into. We proceeded to cut the carpet, cut our patch to size, and patch in the new piece of carpet. When finished we took a picture and posted a side-by-side view so you can see just how good we are.

Damaged Carpet?

Do you have ripped, loose, burnt, or permanently stained carpet? If so, we can help. Spotless Miracle is trained, and skilled in the art of carpet repair. We've been repairing carpet in home for years now and would love to come show you just how skilled we are.

We offer a plethora of carpet repairs, but the main ones are:

  • Carpet Re-Stretching
  • Carpet Patches for burn spots, slime, misc stains, animal tears
  • Delamination Repair
  • Carpet Seam  Repair.
  • Tackstrip Replacement

You will be suprised on what we can repair. Book your carpet repair tech now or combine the service with your carpet cleaning.